Along with other coastal and inland towns, Longobardi is part of an area called the Riviera dei Borghi Antichi (Riviera of Ancient Villages), steeped in living traditions and immersed in a spectacular landscape to admire all year round.

The entire Riviera area can be easily visited from Hotel Gaudio, and those who love to stay active during their holidays will be happy to know that they can enjoy trekking, horseback riding along the valleys of the Catena Costiera Paolana, and mountain biking.


A small village nestled in the hills, offering a spectacular view of Stromboli. Among centuries-old pine forests and ferns, it hosts a picnic area. In the village, you can visit the House of Culture, the Mother Church, and through a nature trail, the house of San Nicola Saggio, a friar of the Order of Minims of St. Francis of Paola; proclaimed a saint by Pope Francis on November 23, 2014.

Homeland of the giant DE.CO (Municipal Designation of Origin) tomato, it houses the remains of the castle (now the municipal library), where Galeazzo di Tarsia composed his poetic verses, and the small Museum of Rural Civilization. It is possible to try naturalistic trekking activities on the mountain trails traced by the CAI (Italian Alpine Club), in the riverbed of the Veri spring..

Nestled between the azure sky and the Tyrrhenian Sea, it is a charming village on the Riviera dei Borghi that enchants visitors with its timeless charm. Divided into two souls: Amantea Vecchia, perched on a rocky promontory, and Amantea Marina, nestled on the coast, it offers a perfect combination of history, culture, nature, and crystal-clear sea.

It is the most charming village of the entire Riviera and also the one that has focused the most on tourism, so much so that it has entered the ranking of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy. Its churches, its ancient convents, its noble palaces, but in particular Torretta square and the Valley Castel, make it a true jewel to visit absolutely.

Perched on a hill at 600 meters above sea level, it dominates the Savuto river valley and enchants visitors with its timeless charm. Founded in the 11th century, Cleto boasts a rich historical and cultural heritage. Walking through the alleys of the historic center, you can admire the typical local stone houses, the decorated portals, and the breathtaking panoramic views. Do not miss the Norman-Swabian Castle, dating back to the 12th century, which offers a spectacular view of the valley.

It is a jewel that offers visitors a perfect combination of history, faith, nature, and sea. The city is dominated by the Sanctuary of Saint Francis of Paola, an imposing religious complex that attracts thousands of pilgrims every year. Here, the relics of the saint rest, and an atmosphere of mystical devotion is breathed. Do not miss the Museum of the Friars Minor, rich in works of art and sacred objects. The historic center of Paola is a maze of picturesque alleys and charming squares.

In addition to the villages just described, which are closer to our Hotel, you should definitely visit Cosenza, the capital of the province, and Tropea, a tourist destination that has now become internationally important. For other important tourist destinations in our region, we recommend visiting the official website Calabria Straordinaria.

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